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IBM Netezza Database Migration

Data Engineering

IBM Netezza Database Migration

Data Warehousing in the cloud is a service. So why are you continuing to maintain appliance hardware?

The cloud isn’t just virtualization, it provides a new way to scale. Cloud architecture beats proprietary hardware. We’ve proved it. Let us show you how.

Business Challenge

Netezza customers have large investments in hardware appliances and specialty databases. The cost of expansion of these appliances is prohibitive, but Netezza performance beats the most popular commercial databases. The opportunity to modernize their IT infrastructures and take advantage of the cloud architecture of AWS looms, but many are unaware of the capabilities of other analytic database systems. Netezza has unique features that make migrations tricky.

Business Solution

Full 360 executes Netezza migrations to the cloud using a proven reliable methodology with fixed-price elements. We leverage Redshift columnar technology to meet and exceed Netezza performance. Data warehouses using Full 360’s PITBull architecture, operate at lower costs. Full 360 handles data integrations from all sources. We will perform exhaustive performance tuning and resolve compatibility issues.

Customer Outcomes

  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Performance Roadmap
  • Operational Continuity
  • Improved System Transparency
  • Improved Backup & DR
  • Improved Security

Timelines & Costs

The Full 360 team can create a preliminary design and build a proof of concept in under two weeks for most projects. Depending on the migration strategy chosen, Full 360 will provide a full project roadmap. Following a solid assessment and meeting of key stakeholders and SMEs, the team can generally move very quickly based upon prior experience. Known areas of complexity are costed via a Fibonacci scale. The customer may choose onshore or offshore resources.

Customers We Serve

  • Customers with Neteeza running data warehouses and/or business intelligence infrastructure.
  • Netezza customers with large Storage Area Networks in the terabye and petabyte range looking for less expensive data lakes and storage.
  • Customers looking to EOL IBM relationships or Netezza in particular.
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