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SneaQL Workflow Modernization

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Data Engineering

SneaQL Workflow Modernization

If you have extensive use of non-standard SQL, stored procedures and server side programming, SneaQL will bridge the gap to take full advantage of columnar database technology.

Business Challenge

Columnar and cloud-native analytic databases provide a great leap forward in performance, capacity and scalability over traditional RDBMSs. However these technologies, being 100% ANSI SQL do not provide compatibility with proprietary methods like stored procedures. Therefore most columnar implementations fail to exploit these advantages. A poorly implemented database application wastes time and money.

Business Solution

SneaQL is an Open Source, cloud-native framework for the comprehensive management and execution of SQL code across multiple database technologies. SneaQL gives SQL developers the ability to provide conditional execution and variable substitution into their continuous integration workflows. This is required specifically for the conversion of PL/SQL and t-SQL stored procedures into functionally equivalent SQL applicable to Vertica and Amazon Redshift with 100% ANSI SQL compatibility. SneaQL gives DBAs and database development teams the ability to fully convert applications to these lower cost, high performance database technologies in a language they all can understand.

Customer Outcomes

  • Improved Overall DB Performance
  • Production Continuity
  • Lower TCO
  • Performance Roadmap

Timelines & Costs

The Full 360 team can create an optimized design and run all tests to completion in about two months for a single schema. Actual time to completion depends primarily upon the amount of data to move from production to the new system and secondarily upon the customer’s availability to validate the new design. Each project has fixed-price elements and contingency costs. Known areas of complexity are costed via a Fibonacci scale.

Customers We Serve

Customers heavily invested in legacy PL/SQL and t-SQL stored procedures. Customers with application-specific data warehouses and/or business intelligence infrastructure. Customers looking to improve performance of their database applications. Customers with relatively new data warehouse implementations base on Columnar technology.

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