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Vertica-as-a-Service Now Available via Early Access Program, Acquisition of Full360 further deepens commitment to delivering Vertica-as-a-Service

Redshift Tuning (Upshift)

Data Engineering

Redshift Tuning (Upshift)

Are you running stock Redshift? Are you ready to talk world-beating performance, or are you just running with the herd? Full360 has been tuning Redshfit since its beta. Now we offer you Upshift, the fixed-price engagement with the methods that will turn your vanilla implementation into a fire-breathing monster

Data Warehouse Tuning (Upshift)

Business Challenge

Columnar and in-memory databases provide a great leap forward in performance, capacity and scalability over traditional RDBMSs. However most organizations are new to these technologies and have only one implementation from which to draw their experience. Most implementations fail to exploit these advantages. A poorly implemented database application wastes time and money.

Business Solution

Full 360 performs a comprehensive suite of tests taken from our customers' real-world use of the database and optimizes them. We provide operational continuity and migrate all data and feeds between the old and new designs. We breakdown all operations and give a full accounting of performance metrics pre- and post-optimization. We offer proposals for cluster sizing, data model changes and optimization of query patterns.

Customer Outcomes

  • Improved Overall DB Performance
  • Production Continuity
  • Lower TCO
  • Performance Roadmap

Timelines & Costs

The Full 360 team can create an optimized design and run all tests to completion in about two months for a single schema. Actual time to completion depends primarily upon the amount of data to move from production to the new system and secondarily upon the customer’s availability to validate the new design. Each project has fixed-price elements and contingency costs. Known areas of complexity are costed via a Fibonacci scale.

Customers We Serve

Customers who application-specific data warehouses and/or business intelligence infrastructure. Customers looking to improve performance of their database applications. Customers with relatively new data warehouse implementations base on Columnar technology.

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